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#1 Posted : 14 July 2020 02:26:36

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Hi guys
New here, i was just wondering why the Fiat 126 is NOT available to purchase from the website and nothing to suggest that it’s not until you hit the “Buy Now” button which basically does nothing more than take you around in circles, can anyone shed any light on this for me?? (apart from the obvious issues in the world just now, but surely if supplies can not be gotten or whatever it should still tell you and take your e-mail to be informed when stocks are back?? otherwise they will loose a great many possible new customers like myself)
I am sure it’s going to be something i’ve missed but could someone take a minute to tell me, so i know whether it’s worth waiting or just buying something else, elsewhere, and maybe get your Webmaster to put in place necessary changes to the main website so as to show, whatever the issue with the orders is
143scale.uk (coming soon)
#2 Posted : 14 July 2020 11:08:53

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It does actually have 'Out of stock' across the picture on the product page.

Unfortunately there's no way of knowing when it will be back due to the Covid situation.
#3 Posted : 15 July 2020 03:27:58

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yip i had noticed but it’s not exactly very clear that it’s just the covid issue that was causing the short supply of this particular model, nothing is mentioned as regards that, and in actual fact with most of the others being still available it’s again as clear as mucky water that it’s covid that is the cause!!!
My, my Covid doesn’t half get the blame of so many things it both can’t and hasn’t actually affected Flapper Flapper same old same old blame the “new boy” we’ll in this case the new virus 🦠 to be totally correct 😎.
Many thanks for your answers none the less, i’ve applied to get their updates e-mail which i am hoping will let me know when it’s back in stock again, you see i at two times in my driv8ng career owned a Fiat 126 (The UK equivalent car) a nice shade of light blue and a dark green one second time, the first was bog standard even had the wee tiny removable radio that you took the front bit off and slipped it in your pocket supposedly to prevent it being stolen 😎 and it had the webasto style roof so was quite the cruiser let me assure you, i should point out that i had a Hillman Imp after passing my test and then the blue Fiat a few varying minis ending up with a wicked 1460cc Mini pickup 1981 (ish) that’s front to bulkhead and front of subframe to rear of floor had to have a built in space frame of ali scaffolding poles welded in to it as without them everytime you took off at reasonable speeds from traffic lights etc you could feel the whole front end flexing on you (scary at time btw) and after that i gained fully custody of my then six month old son and had to get something quick, that was far more sensible but more importantly that i could have a rear seat to fit a baby seat too !!, (damn social workers ruin all the fun don’t they as if it wasn’t enough to force me to at 18/19 with a highly modded truck to drive it sensibly but not they wanted to ruin my street creed totally by having a baby seat in the back, as a happily single guy i was mortified at having to have it in 24/7 as they kept saying i never knew when i might need his seat, So apparently i wasn’t listening to that part, or at least so they told me? (wasn’t aware i was back in school again 😎 either but hey ho!! but what they weren’t listening too was, as my ex wife had opted to carry on living in MY house, i therefore when she finally proved she was fully rejecting him, we had always hoped it would be a temporary thing, which is why i was forced to take my no2 son to my parents house where we all had separate cars? meaning my mothers car had a perm seat in it and a pram in its boot, plus baby things as you do, so i could have it anytime i wanted, a Renault 9 “Rolland Garious“ or my younger bros car which was my mothers previous car a lovely almost met british racing green Ren 5 “Rolland Garrios” or whatever they were called? i think that was it mind) 💡🙏 all rapid ok cars, but just not for me or i had use of my fathers brand new at that time Ren 21 turbo so no shortage but they seem incapable of comprehension of any facts other than what they know, have been told, or popular gossip is telling them so i gave that up at we had cars for all occasions and some !! And about two weeks later after taking a massive loss on my pickup (that for years just had to end up living a few streets away from my parents and our family home and was a very successful hill climb competition vehicle competing all over the U.K. gaining very respectable times at Pikes Peak and loads more besides only being retired when some 15 yrs of constant competition life later took its toll, making it require to be totally reshelled so they took the easier, cheaper and far lighter option of having a half kevlar one made up and moving a few major components about makes you a Fiat sized Mini that handles so well and with the now stripped and rebuilt same 1460 that i had helped fit to it some by now almost 20 yrs back and it has gone on to still as far as i know be in the same ownership 😎🤔 And he she comes, entering stage left, wrapping her little heart around my little fingers, all she had to do was start and sound good, her green bodywork catching the later afternoon sun, And here she comes yet again, all washed, waxed and looking shiny, ready to spring into service to take us where we needed to go, So her she comes once more, and off she goes taking me North,South, East and West, Here she comes once more looking ever so small, shiny, loud, “tuned” and goes like the clappers and then off i go once more, in, out and shaking it all about, here you come again and here i go!! all my friends at the time had their mothers cars by in large, anything from a 340 Volvo to a Honda Civic both 1400’s a few Mk 2 Escorts a Fiesta and a Vx Chevette all 1300’s i do believe and mine was still under that magic 1000cc to ensure i got Grp one insurance 😎 and all though booting it to at times keep up if the bigger engine cars got away from me, yet able to hold my own no problem otherwise but both my son, myself and my faithful dog that was always with me in those days!!! for all the sad jokes aimed our way! for all the stupid suggestions what other uses it could be put too 🤔😂 we got the last laugh when i took it into Glasgow City for a CB radio function a lot of us were going to in a local hall with NO parking? at night when all were home in the surrounding homes making it way worse for sure, whilst they all cat footed about doing their best not to scratch “Their Mummies” cars i parked my 🚙 in seconds sideways in a space that our leader was already using thus not having to pay for the space either 😂 ( a wee trick i often uSed to pull off if i was at the bottom or top of the town as my elder bro worked at the Jamaica Bridge end of the town and his company had the first 10 metered spaces for their sole use but it was actually 11 if i was about as my brother at that time drove an Mk 1 Escort Mexico that if pulled as far forward as he could with his front bumper still in his space i could manage to squeeze in behind him, being only 6ft wide it just fitted and as your paying for the space internally between the white lines of your marked out space the traffic wardens couldn’t do anything about me doing it as i wasn’t breaking any laws !!! and likewise if at the other end of the town where my father worked i would do likewise, saving me large parking charges and used a tank of fuel a week where as it was quite often they could well into a second tank of fuel ⛽️ by the end of the week, by the time i had work done in the engine bay, suspension, brakes, wheels and tyres they had the interior re-trimmed with a ancantara and face leather which looked superb and then a commercial grade carpet on the floors after covering all with copious amounts of sound guarding, the final piece to complete it was a top quality Kenwood stereo, and my CB of course but it was an amazing wee car that i kept for a great long time it wasn’t making financial sense for the last two years i had it but i just couldn’t bring myself to scrap it, it was a VERY sad day that, felt like i had lost a member of the family it truly did and of course i can’t get one at least not in the UK any longer, there was talk of in. much the same vein as BMW and VW has already done with there icon Mini and Beetle ranges that Fiat was going to do it with either the 127 or 126 but more likely the 126 as the 127 is still a massively used car in Russia and in those sorts of continents all be it as a Lada, but it started as a Fiat and then became a Lada and now Fiat have plans to redevelop?? who knows what’s going on all i know for sure is IF and it’s a BIG IF the 126 came back up for sale on this coming Sat say i would be heading off to get the first camping space tomorrow - So i reckon you all will of worked out i love the 126 and when i saw this model and such a convincing copy of it all i would have to do is paint it as close a green to that which it was, but i have some insta-matic pictures of it still i think, as i’m a nerd and used to take pics at the start, midway and loads at the end of any builds we did whether for ourselves or someone outside our wee “Gang”.
That’s all for now folks!!

P.s. One kits defo sold when they come back online ........
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