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R2-D2 Key Features, FAQ's & contact info Options
#1 Posted : 09 January 2017 12:58:59

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Build Your Own R2-D2

Scale: 1:2 - Width 28cm x Height 48cm.

One-piece metal dome: R2-D2’s real metal dome spins just like the original, enabling him to turn to face his owner, look around his environment and point his camera and projector in any direction without moving his body. R2 has diecast metal & plastic internal chassis. R2 is supplied as a "factory-fresh finish" so that once assembled you can choose to retain the factory finish, or give him your own "weathered" appearance.

Dual mode: You can switch R2-D2 to operate under command or in autonomous ‘AI’ mode, where he will behave like the willful astromech in the movies.

Video/Still Camera: The video/still camera in R2-D2’s head allows him to take snapshots and short video clips, which can be stored on your mobile device. You can turn his head to focus on any person or object in his field of vision, and his programming includes the ability to detect human faces. The camera used is 720 HD (i.e. 1280 X 720) camera. However, in order to transfer the video through wifi, MotionJpeg compression is used,. And the resolution seen on the mobile device will be reduced to 640 X 360.

Wi-fi enabled: Wi-fi receiver and transmitter, communicating with a tablet or smartphone, (operation can also be controlled via 'WiFi direct mode').

Communication: via authentic chirps, whistles and colored light displays.

Projector: Display holographic messages using a projector which can beam images of Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker onto any nearby flat surface.

Realistic Droid Movement: R2-D2 travels around through powerful drive motors in his feet, which allow him to move forward or backwards or spin on his axis, just like the droid does in the movies. His third leg provides stability, and he has sensors which are programmed to avoid obstacles and stairs.

Remote-control App-enabled: You can control R2-D2 directly from your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet (App is fee free). Steer him at will, see what he sees, and activate all his special features.

The Google Play/Android App can be found here: https://play.google.com/...tails?id=com.bullb.r2d2

The Apple iOS app can be found here: https://itunes.apple.com...ntrol/id1403826626?mt=8

R2-D2 is not designed to be programmable and is supplied pre-programmed.

Pop-up lightsaber: Will pop up on demand from the pneumatic ejection tube in his head.

Rechargeable battery: Inside R2-D2’s chassis is a high capacity battery pack that stores power for his drive motors, robotic mechanisms and internal electronics. He comes with his own mains charger which hooks up to his external coupling – and when his energy levels become low, his warning lights will indicate the need to recharge, (battery pack not included).

Battery type/spec needed: Six type 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery; Button-top; Unprotected; 2000mAh minimum capacity; 3 Amps minimum capacity discharge. It’s recommended to purchase a branded make and from a reputable battery retailer.

Status displays: Including malfunction/diagnostic warnings.

Microphone and speaker: R2-D2 is able to react to his human owner’s voice commands. R2-D2 is programmed to respond to trigger words (such as ‘good morning’ or ‘wake up’) and he understands a number of simple voice commands that control his key functions. The droid will respond to his owner’s requests with a realistic range of reactions.

Extending arms: R2-D2 can extend his spacecraft linkage and control arms on command, and they also operate when R2-D2 is in autonomous ‘AI’ mode. The flaps on his body conceal hidden droid manipulator arms and probes, which you can extend at will.

Disney/LucasFilm licensed product.

R2-D2 UK webpage:

Customer Services - for all UK Subcription or Delivery matters: 0333 300 1049, or email customercare@deagostini.co.uk.
Lines are open Mon to Fri from 9am to 5pm - (closed all public holidays).

Digital Editions, email: digitaleditions_support@deagostini.com

USA customer services: (877) 544-6779 from 7am to 5pm CST (Mon to Fri) or email: customerservice@deagostiniusa.com
#2 Posted : 20 November 2018 11:21:09

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Please note: R2-D2 needs to be connected to a Smartphone to get R2 to perform all of it’s functions!

The Issue 6 LCD screen and the Issue 22 Logic function display LCD are only functional/switched on in App mode, they are not functional in Manual mode.
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