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British Pathe films Victory Options
#1 Posted : 24 May 2010 19:34:09

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Thought this may gain some interest as it did me, whilst searching for my great grandfather story I found 2 pages of HMS Hood footage on the British Pathe web site.

I put in HMS Victory in the search and came up with 3 pages Drool

Full titles read: "1805 - 1930 ! Something new in contrasts. - Portsmouth Gun Contrasts - Hampshire."

Intertitle reads: "The old wooden walls of England - the famous "Victory" - getting gun crews ready for Naval Week - handling guns as they did a century ago -"

L/S of of old style war galleon. Various shots of the several sailors on deck preparing and loading a cannon with cannon ball. A senior officer stands next to them issuing orders. The men push the cannon forward. The senior official issues the order "FIRE !". The sailors pull the cord and there is large bang as the cannon fires. The soldiers pick up their swords and rush to the side of the ship. They cheer and wave their swords menacingly.

Intertitle reads: "A bit different to this modern crew working on a 6" gun aboard HMS Champion."

L/S of officer playing bugle to wake up sailors lying on the deck of the modern warship of the Royal Navy. Several shots of sailors preparing large gun turret for firing. A bell rings and the gun is fired. An alarm suddenly sounds

Intertitle reads "GAS !"

The sailors suddenly stop what they are doing and put on their gas masks on and continue with their work.


this is the full search results link

#2 Posted : 24 May 2010 20:47:06

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Well done Matey, you have done it again BigGrin I thought the 6" gun crew were abit sloppy, being an ex field gunner I would pick fault, wouldn't I Cool

Thanks again Matey
#3 Posted : 24 May 2010 22:00:43

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what about this, made in 1926 running at nearly 30mins

Feature film released in 1926 - a biography of Horatio Nelson. For full details see reel 1.

Tinted print. No negs exist. Some elements held by National Film and Television Archive.

Biographical drama featuring scenes from Horatio Nelson's life and career.

This reel includes material covering preparations for the Battle of Trafalgar. Admiral Nelson talks to his sailors. The sailors talk about the forthcoming naval battle. Nelson writes writes of his hopes for victory. A Cabin Boy paints Victory or Death on a cannon. More scenes of preparation on HMS Victory. Signal flags are hoisted "England expects that every man will do his duty".

The Temeraire attempts to lead the line. Nelson refuses and moves the Victory into the head of the fleet. The battle begins, cannon are fired and damage is done. The battle on board ship. (Note: Several Black African actors appear as members of the crew).

Nelson is wounded, "They have done for me at last, Hardy", Nelson on deathbed, cannons are fired, ships catch fire. Nelson is told of his victory, he is near death "Kiss me Hardy" reads intertitle, battle continues, Nelson dies saying "Thank God - I have done my Duty."

End intertitle reads: "Though more than a century has passed since Nelson died, the spirit he bequeathed lives on." (This title has bad decomposition damage as does last shot of a ship under sail). THE END. British Instructional Films Ltd end title.

See other reels - Reel 1 and 2 are on PM1877. Reel 3 is on PM1879.

Note: Print is in fairly good condition throughout but there is some evidence of nitrate decomposition - mostly the blue tinted sections. Print in four reels but may have originally been 8 reels and spliced together into four.

Mike Turpin
#4 Posted : 25 May 2010 00:36:19

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I was going to bed half an hour ago!

But well done yet again!

Mike T
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