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Fiat, Pack 5 Options
#1 Posted : 29 October 2020 03:49:39
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We’re well into October. The fire across the street from Mark’s house is out, the West Coast is still burning. Big fires in southern California and Colorado. Fall is finally here with cold temps at nite and pretty warm days for this time of the year. Temps are just warm enough to do some painting on other projects. Oh! A neighborhood bear walked through the front yard this morning, it’s good to see he’s still looking healthy.

On to the build!

Pack 5 Stage21

We’ll build a wheel and tire, just like the other one. Not much to say, put the two wheel parts, 21a and 21b to the tire, screw together with DM screws.

Pack 5 Stage 22

This stage mounts the wheel and tire. There’s a brake plate, 22d, brake actuating lever, 22e, and brake line hose. The part, 22e, gets pressed onto the brake plate. Add the brake hose, you’ll need your toothpick to open the hose so that it fits to the pin on 22e. Brake plate goes on to the spindle, be aware of the mounting lug on the spindle. The wheel needs the valve mounted, mine was slightly small, requiring a bit of CA glue to make sure it stays. Mount the tire to the spindle with the washer and a CM screw. Tighten the screw only enough to allow the amount of wheel roll you want. I fooled around with the other wheel and tire trying to get the brake line onto the actuating lever, got tired of that, took the wheel off. Installed the brake line and put the wheel and tire back on. Stage 22.6 required some tweezer skills. I guess I don’t have any of that. Follow the diagram and weave the brake line under the spring assembly, in front of the tie rods and into the hole shown on the diagram and photo. On to Stage 23.

Pack 5 Stage 23

Install the suspension mounts, 23b & 23c on to the suspension arm, 23a. Maintain the orientation of the mounts to the suspension arm. There is a hole that the screw will pass thru to tap the other hole on both mounts. The screws will pass thru the holes on the arm. The suspension mounts should swing freely on the arm. Stage 23 is complete.

Pack 5 Stage 24

In this stage we will mount the drive shaft and the shock absorber to the suspension arm and mount the whole assembly to the chassis. Put the drive shaft on to the joint, 24a and install on the suspension arm as shown. Mount the shock body to the arm assembly (there is a shoulder on the arm that the shock needs to mount on), the assembly is ready to go on to the chassis. I’ve been pre tapping everything today. It’s very dry out and this helps in handling slippery parts.

Needless to say, this next step is challenging. The suspension mounts, shock spring, shock body and the drive shaft all have to go to their respective mounting places. The chassis needs to be turned over while holding all this in place. I connected the two mounts first, making sure the drive shaft stayed in place. Compressed the shock spring while putting the shock body screw in.

Now for the funny stuff, you know the stuff that happens that’s not funny when it happens putting models together. The chair I was sitting on collapsed.

The shoulder on a rivet holding the folding mechanism together failed. Successfully holding the chassis, pinched the crap out of my index finger, I don’t know on what. Got off the floor just in time that my wife hadn’t seen what happened. Good thing, she laughs really hard when I fall. No harm, no foul. Put the shock screw in and the left rear suspension on the chassis looks great. Oh well, IT happens (Forrest Gump) and modelling’s the best stuff of all !!!

Pack 5 Stage 25

I’ll pre-tap the holes on the fuel tank and get the washcloth ready to support the chassis. Mounting posts on the fuel tank go into recessed holes on the chassis. The fuel line is in the right place, ready to flip the chassis over. Nothing funny happened this time. Secure the fuel tank with CP screws. Onto the heater hose. Put the two halves of the heater hose together with CP screws, done, now install. Flip the chassis over, put the two mounting posts in the recessed holes. Flip the chassis over, secure with CP screws. Pack 5 is complete. Looking ahead, Pack 6 includes another wheel and tire, right rear suspension and mud guards.

Till then, take care, stay well and talk to you later!
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