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Dodge Charger R/T - Pack 3 Options
#1 Posted : 22 June 2020 03:25:52
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Stage 9

Stage 9 consists of 11 steps all dealing with the right front suspension.

Step 9.1 connects a cover plate (9h) to the right side of the frame. The plate should be mounted smooth side up with 2 CM screws provided.

Step 9.2 connects engine mount plate 9k to the frame with an AM screw.The flanged hole must face up. Mount the frame cover 9i to the frame with a CM screw. Smooth side up.

Step 9.3 and 9.4 attach the torsion bar to the back of the chassis and the control arm anchor. Slip torsion bar into hole at back of the front clip, connect control arm anchor loosely, insert the torsion bar end into the anchor, then tighten anchor to the frame.

Step 9.5 connects the shock piston and ball joint to the control arm with FM screws.

Step 9.6 puts the bump stop on the lower control arm and the spindle onto the lower ball joint as shown with an EM screw.

Step 9.7 requires a little patience to get everything into alignment. The spring goes into the shock body, piston goes into the shock body. Align the spindle to the disk caliper plate to accept the two CM screws to hold the spindle to the disk caliper.

Step 9.8 secures right suspension to the frame. Put the two locating posts into the holes at the front of chassis and secure tightly with 2 FM screws from the underside of the frame. End of the control arm attaches to the control arm anchor with EM screw.


Please note: At steps 7.5 & 7.6 parts 7g & 7f are not recessed and require longer screws. CM screws are called out for, but too short as parts are not recessed. Km screws should be used instead. At step 7.2, CM screws can be used on the recessed part 7A engine guard plate, where KM screws are used.

Step 9.9 connects the engine guard plate and stabilizer bar assembly from stage 7. Turn chassis upside down and fit the guard plate (with the stabilizer bar forward) to the chassis in front of the suspension assemblies. Use 3 CM screws and 2 KM screws.

Step9.10 & 9.11 turn the chassis right side up. The stabilizer bar connects to the lower control arm on both left and right sides. Do not over tighten. Use 2 DP screws, One for each side.
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Mark Adams
#2 Posted : 22 June 2020 03:36:20
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Stages 10 & 11, Pack 3

Good morning, it’s June 8th,(snowed last night!!)Wwhat better to do than Pack 3 stages 10 and 11!?

I took a photo of the blister pack full of parts. But, not for long!

I had to cut these blisters apart so that I didn’t have parts flying everywhere.

Here we go!

Step 10.1 part 10d is supposed to have an “L” printed on it, I could not find it, so look at 10.1& 10.2 and you should be able to decode the correct one.

Step 10.1 put 10d and 10f together with 2 CM screws (ther are 2 10f parts that are the same). Orient 10f correctly, the bend goes down. Tighten only enough so that 10f will slide on 10d.

Step 10.2 Put the ball joint into the central bar 10c and assemble with JM screws.

Step 10.3 Repeat prior step. Maintain orientation of parts. 10e and 10f go together with 2 CM screws.

Step 10.4 Join 10.3 to the central bar 10c with JM screws. Work all of the steering parts as you tighten them. All steering parts should rotate or swing somewhat. Move the parts as the screws are going through.

Step 10.5 make sure bulges on 10e face the right direction parts 10a & 10b, JM screws complete this step.

Step 10.6 turn chassis up side down. Use ball joint 10a and JM screw to connect to previously installed 5d.

Step 10.7 connect 10b the same way as other side. Use ball joint 10a and JM screw.
If you have maintained orientation, the tie rod 10b and ball joint will line up correctly.

Step 10.8 rod anchors 10d and 10e can now be attached to the engine guard plate with 2CM screws.

ATTENTION! The 2 parts 10d & 10e, tie rod anchors are not recessed and need longer screws to join correctly at the engine guard plate.

Step 10.9 & 10.10 these steps require some gentle persuasion.The 2 parts 10g will need to be carefully bent in order to fit. Put the slightly bent end into the hole in the lower control arm. Bend 10g carefully to fit into the hole on the engine guard plate frame. Needs to be done on both sides. Once in place gently straighten the 2 stay rods.

Step 10 is done. Check stance and alignment of the wheel.I had to fiddle with the shock piston to get the camber right on mine.

Step 11 is the front wheel and tire for the right side.

Step 11.1 there is a small pin and slot on the inside of the outside rim half.Firmly press valve stem onto the pin in the slot. Careful, don’t break off the valve stem.

Step11.2 the words inside and outside are molded onto the tire sidewalls.

Step 11.3 put the 2 halves of the wheel onto the correct side of the tire. Line up pins and holes on each rim half. Use the valve stem slots as a guide. Use 3 HM screws to put together. There should be no gap between rim halves.

Step11.4 put wheel onto brake and spindle assembly. Be sure to line up slot on wheel with spline on the spindle.

Step 11.5 use washer and IM screw. Tighten screw until wheel does not move in and out on the screw. Then back off screw slightly to allow wheel to turn.

Step 11.6 press hub cap onto wheel. Line up pins and holes.

Stage 11 is complete.

Stage 12 is the Gear Box assembly.
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Mark Adams
#3 Posted : 22 June 2020 03:43:10
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Stage 12, Pack 3

This stage is pretty simple, so I don't really have much commentary!

Stage 12 builds up transmission (gearbox) and starter motor.

Step 12.1 join gearbox oil pan 12e and bracket 12f with 2am screws.

Step 12.2 mount oil pan and bracket to the lowest screw post on gearbox half 12a.be sure parts face right direction.

Step 12.3 put 12c and 12d together with 2 AM screws.

Step 12.4 the gearbox crankcase 12c attaches to12a with 1AM screw.

Step 12.5 join parts 12a and 12b together with 2 AN screws. Both screw holes are deep set.

Step 12.6 parts for this step are 1) starter motor housing 12g. 2(starter motor mounting plate 12h. 3) 1 AP screw. There is a tab on 12g that needs to align with slot on 12h. Line up the molded on starter bolts.

Step 12.7 mount starter motor with mounting pin in the middle hole of 3 holes with 2 CM screws. Do not over tighten.

This completes Stage 12,Pack 3.
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Mark Adams
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