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Keep clear of electronic models Options
#1 Posted : 05 May 2019 19:03:32

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While i am sure all the seniors at deagostini are already aware i would suggest that any future models issued as partworks steer clear of being electronic based.

While prototype and production models may perform to perfection potential manufacturing faults, user build errors, just seem to fill the post boards with numerous problems.

I do feel for the builders that have invested time and more importantly money in something they have tried to build and it fails to perform.

All this is doing is degrading deagostini's reputation especially when its virtually impossible to offer the builder no more than a few lines that may or may not resolve their problem. The facility to sit next to the builder and work through the issue is not an option with a partwork.

I am 100% sure someone will remind me that there are loads of builders that have had no issues at all with their builds (R2D2) in particular. And for them i would say well done, but remember reputation is never earned on the 100 happy people but is lost on the 1 with the problems.

So my advice (for what its worth) is stick to glue together or bolt together and leave all of the electronic stuff out of the equation.

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#2 Posted : 06 May 2019 08:47:12

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Absolutely agree, 100%.

I would even go as far as to say cut out the electrical gimmicks on the cars too.
Even they have problems and TBH, are something virtually never used in the future once the model is built.

#3 Posted : 06 May 2019 09:13:55

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I totally agree with both,

Having built R2-D2 and all fully working, he just sits there 90% of the time only coming out when someone wants to see him working. Even thou he works fine I wish I hadn't brought him.

As to the cars I agree with Roy, having built the Jag, Mustang, DB5 and the DeLorean once there finished I remove the batteries and place them in a display case just the same as the Honda 750 and so will be the Bussa both in cases and with no base. To me the electronics is just a gimmick and a waste of time and money.

Having nearly finished building a Pocher Testorassa it's been more fun without all the gimmicks.
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#4 Posted : 07 May 2019 12:42:36

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I would disagree, as Birdaj has said, it's the 1 who has problems who will be remembered, not the 100 that were successful, but why would the majority not have these functions, when it's only a few that have problems, that in most cases aren't even the publisher's fault? I say this because I have bought quite a few complete partworks off Ebay that the builder/ collector had completely messed up, for example the Shelby Mustang I picked up a few months back had ill fitting panels and doors wouldn't close, and the only problem with it, was that the builder couldn't screw the screws all the way down. Another example, I bought a 3d printer that was published by Eaglemoss, the guy that sold it to me listed it as faulty, had Eaglemoss send him quite a few replacements and sent numerous emails to complain about it being faulty. Anyway, once I got it, I found that in fact, it was completely dead, so I open it up, and within 2 minutes found the fault. The guy had not fully pushed in the socket to the power supply, 2o minutes later, I was making my first test print. I have also managed to screw things up on occasions, most recently on one off my R2D2 builds, I built 2, first one worked perfectly, second one took nearly a month to figure out why it wasn't working, i had managed to plug in the head motor plug the wrong way round and ruined the controller on it. I am convinced that in the vast majority of cases, things don't work out, simply because some of these partworks may be beyond the capabilities of the person building them.
#5 Posted : 07 May 2019 17:43:05

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I’m not bothered either with electronics on models. I built the Millennium Falcon and apart from the first time testing the electrics I’ve not used them again, Same with the Mustang, it’s on display but batteries taken out. At present I’m building the Volkswagen Samba, again I’ll only test the electrics when built and put in display cabinet, batteries out, so as not to corrode terminals. Each to there own I suppose. Andy.
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